Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Remembrance of Norma Evans

Norma Tree Evans 1924 ~ 2008 Norma was born at home surrounded by and celebrated by her family on July 14, 1924. She died at home surrounded by and celebrated by her family on November 11, 2008. Norma was an extraordinary person who led by example. She taught all who knew her to love life; to overcome adversity with courage, determination and grace. Norma survived many bouts with cancer over the last fifty years. Until her last breath, Norma found something to enjoy each day; a beautiful sunrise, the golden leaves of fall, the smell of the rain. Her love of nature developed during her childhood on the family farms in Syracuse, then Granger, Utah. Norma was always a farmer at heart. She was the most beautiful and lady-like tomboy imaginable. In her last days, Norma looked forward to seeing her loved ones who preceded her in death, her infant daughter, Irva Marie; parents, Irva and Albert Tree; siblings, Evelyn, Marjorie, Harold and Colleen. Norma will be well-remembered and loved by her husband of sixty-five years, Rawlin J Evans.

When Ben and I first got married we lived in the basement apartment of Norma and Rawlin Evans. They were the sweetest couple in the world. They were so nice to us, and welcomed us into their home with loving arms (I am sure that had alot to do with the fact that we are Andersons). Norma loved Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. Norma was so sweet, always concerned about us, and willing to help make our apartment better in any way she could. They also let Ben and I live in their apartment for free for a few weeks, when we bought our home. See, I told you they were awesome!!! Norma also was a very outdoors person, she loved being outside, working on her yard or garden. From stories she told us she liked to play sports and exercise. Her and Rawlin also played on a Co-Ed volleyball team. She survived cancer many times and the last time Ben and I went and saw the Evan's she told us that she had cancer again, and that she was not going to go through Chemo again. I am so glad that I got to know Norma, she taught me alot about life, and made me appreciate the small things. She will be tremendously missed, and I will never forget her. I know that she is in a better place, and I am also glad that I have the knowledge that their is life after death. We will miss you Norma.


Gaylene said...

So sweet.

Emily said...

It's so sweet that you are able to remember such a neat lady. I'm sorry for you loss. It sounds like you have really neat memories of her.

Also, on another note, enjoy watching your obession movie which I'm sure you are going to see this weekend. ;) j/k I love ya!