Monday, November 17, 2008

The Holy War!!

First off, if I say I am not terrified for the BYU vs UTAH game on Saturday I would be lying. I am insanely scared to death. I am very worried, it's a good thing we are going to Aunt Joyce's so we all might be a nervous wreck, and no one really will care. In fact, grandma and Joyce managed to make fun of Megann and I when we just couldn't watch the game two years ago because we were both WAY to nervous. This game is going to be SCARY. I know I love the Cougars way to much, when they lose a game I feel for them, and I hurt for a few days after a loss. I know, it is sad, but true. I think both Utah and BYU are going to play tough, and it might be a blood bath, but it won't stop me from maybe crying a few tears if the cougars end up losing. I can honestly say, good luck to both teams, I am so glad I'm not the one that is going to be playing I would be fearful for my life on both ends of the spectrum.

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