Monday, September 8, 2008

T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint

Ok everyone, you all don't need to fall over. This is Ben making a post. With that being said, I need a little help. KoriAnn and I have our cell phones through AT&T. Our contract is up on Thursday and we discussed to just keep my cell phone and get a house phone through Qwest. Anyways, I have been doing a little research and have come to the above 3 options. So what i would like is some feedback so I can make a decidion.

  1. Sprint- The company I work for goes through Sprint. I have the option to join his plan but because KoriAnn will be calling me from the house phone, I feel that it's not right that my boss should pay for me talking to my wife so he gives me $40 a month to cover my phone expense. This would be a great plan because I can call my foreman basically for free because of mobile to mobile. The bad side is that we had it before and KoriAnn had a bad experience.
  2. AT&T- The main reason why I would stay with them is because of the roll over minutes. They have been good to be with, it's just their plans are not that reasonable for me. The service is great and I feel like I have been a loyal customer.
  3. T-Mobile- KoriAnn was with T-mobile before and seemed to like it and from what i have read the network seems to be getting a lot better. But i don't know enough about it and havn't talked to people who have/had it to make a decision. I love the My Faves because i can put the house phone, my foreman and work numbers on them and have 600 minutes. I have heard good, but mostly bad about it, but not enough to make the decision.
So with this out in the open, help me make a decision. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Brandie Page said...

T Mobile is the best. I have my five favorite people which is all I ever call any ways. Then you can get a home phone for 10 dollars a month and have unlimited calling. We have saved so much money on T Mobile Sprint was constantly over charging us. That's my input.

Camille said...

We too have had T-mobile and have been happy with their service. The Five Favs had been a lifesaver for me..I talk a lot and mostly to the same five people so it works out great. It's nice too because you can change your Favs if you find you talk to someone else more. I would also look at what service most of the people you talk to have. All phones are just SOOO expensive, but they are a must!!! Kasey would tell you to get an iphone through AT&T... He is counting down until our contract expires.

Emily said...

I have T Mobile too. The MyFavs is definitely the best invention ever!!! Its pretty affordable and works pretty well.

Emily said...

We actually have Verizon, but I have heard great things for both Sprint and T-Mobile. I would have to say that the Five Favs sounds pretty inticing.