Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As if you haven't heard enough about me...Here some more!

1. Family
2. The Gospel
3. Singing Happy Birthday with the Bennion's!

1. Our house getting broken into...freaks me out!
2. Ben or I getting into a car accident
3. Cherokee getting stolen

1. Getting our yard finished. (I gave Ben til the end of the month, well that is 7 days away, we will see???)
2. Cleaning out the storage underneath our stairs
3. Getting Pregnant (haha!)

1. Organizing (hence the answer to number 2 above)
2. Coupon Clipping
3. BYU Football

1. I am desperately waiting to start a diet...It's true ask Ben I talk about it all of the time.
2. I am going to start cosmetology school in January
3. My toes are numb, I pretty much can't feel them...it's time to put a blanket over my little piggies.

I am tagging...Bryn, Tifanie and Brandie


Camille said...

A great "diet" is Body for Life Women and Eating for Life. Great recipes and stuff I actually enjoy eating. The exercise is easy to do at home with dumbbells and good shoes. Enough said...

mary said...

I love getting to know more about everyone! And I loved your husband's post - too cute!