Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tag, you're it!

The Rules:
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I have been tagged by Mayme, I sure have enjoyed reading everybodys tags.

1- I make my bed everyday. It doesn't matter if it is in the morning, afternoon, evening, or right before Ben and I go to bed. I never was like this until I got married. I don't know what it really is? I am thinking that it is because of all of the other household chores I put off this is one that I can stand taking three minuted out of my day to do.

2- I am crafty. I love to do crafts. But, I also think that I am not that good at it. I am working on that though and have actually begun to think that I have somewhat of a nack for it. I look at things at Quilted Bear, take pictures of it on my phone, and tell myself that I can do that without paying $90 for it. (Is that illegal to take pictures of it in the store, and then recreate it?)

3- I hate hate hate tomatoes!! They are gross! When I was younger I was helping my grandma Bennion in her garden and looked up into the sky and thanked heavenly father for the mateoes. Don't ask me why?? They have such a bitter taste. Everytime I try them I can convince myself that they get worse everytime!

4- Before I was married I dated two guy's whose name was Ben. When I met my husband I asked my roommate what the cute boy's name was that had just came to the house and she told me his name was Ben. I flipped out and basically told her that I was never going to call or talk to him again because I hated the name Ben. She convinced me that it wasn't about the name it was about the person. I got to know him better and he turned out to be an amazing person. I am sure glad that I didn't swear off all Ben's the last time I got my heart broke by a guy named Ben. So, I have dated three guys named Ben... who can top that one?

5- I am VERY claustrophobic. When the hubby and I were dating he was going to take me to the Nutty Putty caves, luckily for him he found out a few days before we were going that I was very claustrophobic, and that he might of had to carry his girlfriend out of the caves. I hate elevators because it feels to enclosed, I also think that is why I hate riding in cars for such a long time.

6- I cannot choose what I want to do when I grow up, and honestly I am not getting any younger. I have such a wide range of things that interest me but there really isn't one that has caught my eye. I would like to do cosmetology school, become a nail technician as well, photography, teach preschool, manage the theatre, sale crafts..basically anything that allows me to stay home and raise my children

There, now you know way more than you ever wanted to about me.

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Mayme said...

Whoa! Tiffany has a blog now?? Yeah!!

Julia said...

You are so cute! I have to make my bed too ... wrinkly sheets bug my feet. lol! That's a funny Ben story. I have a brother named Ben. I dated a lot of redheads in my dating years. Not that I have anything against them, I was just hoping for tall, dark, and handsome. I guess I got my wish! :D

Tiffany West said...

I am with you on the tomatos! I wish I could say I was crafty, but I'm not so much. I know you are better than you give yourself credit for!