Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cherokee Update

The little mut is growing day in and day out! We still love having her around though. She really is our first child. Ben and I have thought about writing a book about people wanting kids right off the bat. The book would be titled "So you want kids? Get a puppy!" Haha! We have learned alot from this little dog. She has taught us some responsiblity, and also that dogs aren't the easiest things to take care of. I could imagine that kids and dogs can't be compared in raising techniques, but for Ben and I we are glad Cherokee came around first. She literally keeps us laughing everyday and she has sprouted her own personality which some people might find odd because she is a dog, but I promise it is true. And yes, our parents are considered her grandma and grandpa's, our brothers and sisters are considered her aunt's and uncle's, and we are considered to be her mom and dad. I know to some that this sounds odd, but it works for us. She is somewhat like a child...She gets really excited to go to all of her grandma and grandpa's house, she also goes crazy when Aunt Shelby comes over, and Uncle Conner plays with her like she is a human. Cherokee still kicks his butt in basketball. Cherokee also has thing for paper, toilet paper, garments, and socks. Last night I let her have a crumbled up piece of paper, later that night Ben was sitting on the couch and bust into laughter. I ran into the living room to see what was going on and this is what I found...

See, she has her own personality! When I told her to look at the camera she looked at me like "what, is so funny??" Our dog is also photogenic as you can see.

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