Sunday, August 3, 2008

Because I Have Been Given Much

Sorry, this is going to be a long one again...During sacrament today while I was listening to the wonderful testimonies I began to think about family. I think alot of it had to do with the fact that we spent every waking minute on Saturday with family. My sister Shelby and I went and got Breaking Dawn at midnight on Friday night, we also had a sleepover that night as well. We made it til about 2:00 am before we both crashed. We woke up the following morning, and went and got my mom and then headed to see my Grandpa Schmardebeck and Rosie in Layton. They say that Grandpa doesn't have much time, so I knew that we needed to go and see him because it might be the last time we do get to see him. As we walked into his hotel room, I felt sad, but I also could see the pain on his face. He was hurting, and we all knew it. We had great conversations, laughs, and pictures to prove that this was something that will never be forgotten. After leaving Grandpa we headed to East Canyon to go boating with Ben's family. Not only was Mom, Dad, and Tyler there, but Steve and Lezlie and their family was there too. We miss them a ton. Not being in the same neighborhood as them has sure made a difference, we don't get down there to often to see them so it was so nice to catch up and see those little kids. Tyler and I had a good time talking and laughing, while Ben was out wakeboarding. We talked about alot of stuff. I really love Ben's brother, sure he has his moments, but I feel that we get along pretty well. We talked Tyler into coming up to Ogden after our boating adventure to tag along with us to see Batman once again. When we got home from boating we showered, and got all ready and headed to Brigham with Tyler and Emily. We got home about 12:45 am and went straight to bed after Tyler left. As you can tell, we had a filled Saturday with a ton of family, and I loved every minute of it. As I was reflecting on my family today while enjoying the many testimonies I realized how blessed I truly am. Our closing hymn in Sacrament was "Because I have been give much" I love love love this song. This is one of the hymns that I can cry to for no reason, and apparently today was one of those days. Anyways, I made it to about the second verse and I just started to cry. I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't contain the crying anymore. Apparently the lord just knew that it was time to let some of the things that I had bottled up inside out. I balled through pretty much the whole song. While in the few lines of that song I thought about my husband, my grandpa, and my mom. Ben looked over and asked me if I was ok... I was okay, and I knew it I just oculdn't contain my overwhelming feeling of love I had felt for these three people.

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Mayme said...

KoriAnn - i love how open you are and so friendly! I just had to comment on this b/c it's the first time I've actually witnessed firsthand something that someone blogged about, LOL. we were sitting behind you and I saw you crying, but fgured it was due to my horrible singing, just kidding. Thanks again for cleaning my kids' rooms!