Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes, Cherokee has her own pool.

Well today we have been doing some yard work. I decided to run to the grocery store while Ben was hard at work in the yard. While there, I found a pool that I wanted to get Cherokee. She is not the only one I was thinking about when I bought this pool. I was also thinking about my future children. Cherokee will enjoy it first, and then the future Anderson children will get to enjoy it too. We are working more and more on the yard. Having the bobcat here is finally paying off, and we are getting more and more done each day. I am glad that Ben is willing to work on it alot. It is so blasted hot outside, and we are still getting things done. I am so happy that we are getting somewhere with our yard, I thought that this day would never come. We are hoping to have it all done by the end of August. It is way to hot to lay sod right now so we are going to have to wait for the cool down to come across Utah, and then the sod laying party will begin. are all invited to come help out...Haha!! We are still trying to decided on fencing...choices between vinyl, wood, or chain link. Anyone know of any good deals?? We would greatly appreciate anything. Our budget only stretches so far. Well, we don't have any more plans for today we are pretty worn out from the yard work. But, all will be will when we head to Bear Lake tomorrow. So excited! Hope everyone has a Happy Pioneer Day!


Brandie Page said...

I'll plan on that. That will be TONS of FUN. I don't want to pre order it cause they never come when they say they will.

BRITTANY said...

Looks like your doing lots of work on your house! That's fun. I am glad you found me through tifanie's blog...isn't blogging great?