Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alot of Posts in one day, but I can't leave this story out.

Ben's parents invited us to go to East Canyon with them on Saturday afternoon. We were enjoying time together wakeboarding, skiing, and sun-bathing. It was nice to be around Ben's parents. We haven't seen them in what seems a really long time. I think Ben was wakeboarding when I first saw this couple on the beach. At first, they were making out you could totally tell. I was like "oh wow" I pretty much didn't think much about it. We kept boating and I said nothing to anyone because I didn't know if anyone saw this couple totally making out on the beach. The next thing I knew when we were over by this couple there was a blanket wrapped around this girl and they were totally going at it. I felt completely violated, and kept my mouth totally shut because I didn't want to be the one to bring it up if no one else saw this couple competely going at it on the beach in front of tons of boats, jet-ski's, families and children. We decided to swim so we went into the "no wake zone" and shut the boat off. Ben and his mom got into the water, while Dad and I decided to soak up the sun. As soon as I know it, Ben's mom said to Ben..."did you see that couple on the beach totally getting it on??" I started cracking up laughing because I totally saw them going at it. We both were laughing, and Ben and dad didn't seen anything which is probably a good thing. I was hoping that no one saw it, but my mother in law totally saw it. I cannot believe that this couple was doing that on the beach with just a blanket over them. I was really hoping that the fish cop dude would have came by and gave them a ticket for crudeness. I am pretty sure that would teach them a lesson, hopefully they would take themselves elsewhere were there were no families, boats, or children.

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Samantha said...

Ohhh my goodness -- I would have died! That is hilarious!