Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things I know...

1. Cherokee plays with her milkbone toy, and she loves to find the little squeaker in it. She will squeak the toy for at least one hour a day, no joke!

2. I cry at the season finale of Mash. I never used to like Mash, but Ben loves it and so he had a few seasons, and after we got married we collected all 11 seasons, and now we love to watch Mash to fall asleep too.

3. I am so so excited to get our yard in!

4. Cherokee is shedding her winter coat and there is dog hair everywhere!

5. We are going to have to get a Dyson vaccuum to clean up the dog hair that is everywhere!

6. I have a passion for crafts, but feel like I don't have the "cute nack" for it.

7. I am thinking about going into cosmetology school.


BaconandBitch said...

You would be great at cosmetology school! Do it! It would also be the perfect job as a mom. Mitch´s mom does it and loves it. P.S. you are very good at crafts. That´s it. You are going to cosmetology school.

Jorgensen Bunch said...

Yer such a sweetie! I'm glad you like my hair:) About the fam picts...Julie Coleman did them (Carly Colemans mom) last fall. I don't know her prices right off top of my head but if you want to give me your email address I will forward her page to you. How are you two doing? It really has been forever!