Friday, May 2, 2008

Hockey Game ='s Crazy Girl

Ben and I had the opportunity to go to the grizzlies hockey game last night with our friend Trav and a girl he is dating named Elaina. By the way, they are so cute together! Oh yeah babe thanks for winning the tickets on the radio, you are awesome! Anyways, let's just say I never thought we were going to win but they actually one. By the 2nd period the grizzlies were down 1 to 5 to the salmon kings. I never thought that they would come back and win but they did. It was a good game, with the final score 7 to 5 for the grizzlies. The girl that I took a picture of is one that kept us very very entertained during the game. She was so funny, and we laughed everytime they scored! She literally would be jumping up and down for what seemed forever. Definetly someone to watch when you go to a hockey game.

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